Gymnasium/Grammar School Exam Preparation at Nachhilfe Akademie

Is your daughter or your son thinking about taking the Gymnasium Entry Exam? We offer preparation courses in all subjects examined (German, French, Maths) and for both Langgymnasium (long-term grammar school) and Kurzgymnasium (short-term grammar school). In small groups of a maximum of four participants, students are given the opportunity to revise topics thoroughly and by the end will feel ready and confident. Courses start in the first week of term in August and finish just before the exams in March. Students receive a course book based on the requirements of ZAP Zurich (Zentrale Aufnahmeprüfung, General Entry Exam), available via the following links:


Requirements Langzeitgymnasium:


Requirements Kurzzeitgymnasium:


Contents of the learning materials are divided into three different parts. For each topic, there is a theoretical summary offering concise explanations and examples, followed by a variety of exercises and, finally, some authentic tasks taken from former exams. Thus, students will familiarise themselves with all the topics appearing in the exam, revise important rules and have plenty of time to practise. Moreover, they will take mock exams, which serves two key purposes: Firstly, they will receive feedback on their current state and, based on this, be able to focus on the most difficult and problematic issues. Knowing where to improve and having a clear goal makes learning a lot easier. Secondly, by simulating a real-time exam situation, students will become used to what to expect from the exam and lose their anxieties.

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