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Many parents, but also the children themselves, want the further school education to take place at a Gymnasium.

However, in order to make the transition to Gymnasium, the students have to take a demanding entrance examination. In order to pass this examination, the students must be well prepared. We will be happy to help you with the preparation. In various courses, we prepare the boys and girls for the entrance examination for Gymnasium. To make sure that the students also know the examination situation, an examination simulation is one of our services.

Do not rely on the free courses offered by schools.

The experience of recent years shows: Most children can only pass the Gymnasium entrance examination if they are fully prepared for it. However, the free courses offered at some schools are not sufficient. Especially when individual weaknesses become apparent, there usually is no opportunity to address them in schools. Our preparation for the Gymnasium exam is different in this respect. We deal with each student individually so that we can identify strengths and weaknesses. In order for your child to be ideally prepared for the Gymnasium exam, preparation for the exam should begin about six months in advance.

We're already working on real examination tasks.

The Nachhilfe Akademie Gymnasium preparation pays off for our students. In order to send the boys and girls into the exam well prepared, we have developed individual dossiers for the courses in recent years. Of course, we initially impart theoretical knowledge to the children. Afterwards, the boys and girls can also solve exercises and finally real exam tasks, so that possible difficulties in the learning process can be identified once again.

Exam preparation courses

Not only the examination grades are decisive for passing the examination. The last school grades are also examined to the same extent. For this reason, early preparation is essential. Exam preparation should begin at least six months before the entrance examination. The free courses
offered in schools often are inadequate, the child is drowned in the masses, it cannot be supported individually.

The fun of learning shouldn't be lost!


Für den Unterricht verwenden wir eigens dafür erstellte Dossiers, welche so aufgebaut sind, dass zuerst die Theorie erklärt wird. Daraufhin folgen Übungsaufgaben und schliesslich alte Prüfungsaufgaben. So können die Schülerinnen und Schüler das Gelernte anwenden und an echten Prüfungsaufgaben ihren Stand überprüfen. Dadurch erlangen sie auch einen Sinn für den Aufbau und Schwierigkeitsgrad der Prüfungsaufgaben.
Weiterhin wird auf die Schülerinnen und Schüler spezifisch individuell eingegangen, so dass Schwierigkeiten gezielt angegangen werden können und bei Bedarf weiteres Lernmaterial herangezogen werden kann.

Target Groups

  • All students who wish to take an entrance examination, be it for Kurzzeit- or Langzeitgymnasium, for BMS, HMS, IMS or FMS.


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Gymnasium preparation for the entrance examination in Zurich in the subjects German, French and Maths

If you want your child to be able to attend Gymnasium or if your child has expressed the wish to attend Gymnasium, then our Gymnasium preparation is just right for you. Students who live in the canton of Zurich and attend school must take entrance examinations in German, French and Maths, which allow them to attend Gymnasium. These entrance exams represent an enormous challenge for many children. These are the children we are there for at the Nachhilfe Akademie.

Entrance Examination German

Even though German is the first language of most students living in Zurich, it still is a difficult language and even children who have grown up with it have problems. This does not only concern the correct application of grammar rules. Children with a migrant background whose parents speak no or only part of German have even more difficulties in this respect. Especially the learning of the grammatical gender, which does not exist in some languages, is often not comprehensible for learners. In addition, there is the immense vocabulary, complicated sentence structures as well as numerous irregular verbs. During our Gymnasium preparation, the German language is taught to the learners in all its facets, so that they are optimally prepared for the entrance examination in German.

Entrance Examination French

Learning a foreign language is a challenging task that not every child can cope with right from the start. Learning vocabulary and grammar rules so they remain in memory is difficult already. Especially at school, it is difficult to have a chance to speak at all due to the large number of students and thus to implement what they have learned directly. This means that the actual speaking of the new language is not promoted to a great extent, which prevents any automatic speech from developing. During our Gymnasium preparation, we take all these factors into account so that every child is prepared optimally for the entrance examination in French. In small groups, vocabulary is tested, grammar problems are solved and correct pronunciation is practiced.

Entrance Examination Maths

In addition to German and French, the children are also tested in maths before being able to attend a Gymnasium in Zurich. The arithmetic tasks performed in class are often abstract and far from reality, which is why many students find maths difficult to understand. Nevertheless, maths is not a necessary evil, but an elementary discipline that occurs in every industry. As part of our Gymnasium preparation, we therefore put great emphasis on practical and illustrative examples and exercises. This way, the complex contents are quickly and effectively understood. The knowledge gained can then be applied safely and correctly during the entrance examination.

Gymnasium preparation for the Canton of Zurich

Gymnasium preparation in the subjects German, French and Maths takes place in small groups of four persons. During the Christmas and sports holidays, intensive courses are offered both for students of both the Langzeit- and Kurzzeitgymnasium. These courses are held not only in our branch in the city of Zurich, but also in Winterthur. This way, we enable students from all over the Canton of Zurich to participate in our Gymnasium preparation. If you have any questions or would like to register your child, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Passing the central entrance examination with our Gymnasium preparation in order to attend a Gymnasium in Zurich

A central entrance examination is a necessary evil in the course of the school career if a student wishes to attend Gymnasium in the Canton of Zurich. The entrance examination differs between attending a Langzeit- or Kurzzeitgymnasium. While the Langzeitgymnasium is already attended after the 6th grade of the primary level, the Kurzzeitgymnasium is only attended after the 2nd or 3rd grade of the secondary level 1. Accordingly, the respective entrance examinations are also different.

The biggest difference in the entrance examinations is the extent. Whereas for Langzeitgymnasium, only German and Maths are examined in written form, for Kurzzeitgymnasium, German, Maths and French are examined in written and oral form. When attending the Langzeitgymnasiun, the grades of the students' reports and experience play a decisive role. In contrast to Kurzzeitgymnasium, where the marks of experience are not taken into account. The similarity can be seen above all in the yearly consistent structure of the entrance examinations. This is another reason why an effective Gymnasium preparation is very well achievable.


Langzeitgymnasium lasts six years. The advantage of attending Langzeitgymnasium is that the students complete two school years before choosing their Matura profile. During this time, the children can acquire a broad knowledge and skills that help them to make a well-considered choice. During this time, students also learn how to develop learning and solution strategies. The students are already used to systematic and independent work after this preparatory period, which enables them to quickly find their way in new, changed environments. Above all, this strengthens self-confidence. The lower level is followed by the Matura level, which corresponds to Kurzzeitgymnasium. Our Gymnasium preparation ideally prepares 6th grade students for the entrance examination at a Langzeitgymnasium in Zurich.


Kurzzeitgymnasium lasts a total of four years. It can be connected to both the second and the third secondary school. The Matura level differs from the Kurzzeitgymnasium only in the choice of the main subject. The basic subjects, however, are largely similar in all profiles. Apart from well-founded exceptions, curricula and timetables are the same, as is the requirement level. For these reasons, both Kurzzeitgymnasium and Langzeitgymnasium lead to the acquisition of the Matura, which subsequently certifies the ability to pursue university studies. With the help of our Gymnasium preparation, pupils from the 8th or 9th grade are excellently prepared for the entrance examination for admission to a Kurzzeitgymnasium in Zurich.

Gymnasium preparation in Zurich and Winterthur

The choice between Kurzzeit- and Langzeitgymnasium is not easy, because each child has its own strengths and weaknesses. Whichever option you and your child choose - we are at your side with extensive Gymnasium preparation. We offer you intensive courses in small groups, which take place during the sports holidays and Christmas holidays. The courses are offered in the cities of Zurich and Winterthur. In our branches, we teach your children competently and goal-oriented. Do you still have questions about our intensive courses and Gymnasium preparation, or about our private lessons? Then contact us - we will be happy to discuss our offers with you. You are welcome to pay us a personal visit at our premises. Simply make an appointment with us.

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