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Tutoring in French

Tutoring in French

French is a compulsory subject at school and a national language, which makes it an important subject. If your child has problems with it, we will gladly help them with Tutoring.


In Switzerland, French is a compulsory subject at all schools. At the same time, French is a national language, which once again underscores the importance of comprehensive and reliable language skills. But French also is a very difficult language which requires a high learning volume. This is because of the great differences between pronunciation and spelling. If students don't achieve the required or desired performance in this language, French tutoring is a valuable opportunity that you should give your child.

We start at the weak points

There are many different topics that can cause difficulties in French lessons. Therefore, it is important that French tutoring is always individually tailored to the needs of the children and teenagers. Before we start with the actual tutoring, we get an overview of the knowledge and language skills of the individual students. This way, possible weaknesses can be identified, for example in correct pronunciation or grammar. We tie in with these weak points. The aim of the French tutoring is to close these gaps, so that a noticeable improvement is possible.


You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to French tutoring: we look after students alone in private lessons, but also in small groups with a maximum of four boys and girls. Especially in the language classes of the Nachhilfe Akademie the work with several students has a positive effect, because pronunciation and comprehension can be trained specifically. We deal with numerous topics in French tutoring. Together, we learn vocabulary, learn the particularities of French grammar or deal with the broad vocabulary and the different tenses. Of course, French tutoring also teaches text comprehension.


Unser Konzept besteht in der Unterstützung und Förderung je nach Problembereich und Niveau. Schwierigkeiten können beispielweise im Lesen und Schreiben, aber auch in der Grammatik aufkommen. So ist eine gezielte Förderung, dort wo Bedarf besteht, wichtig. Daher bieten wir auf Wunsch nicht nur literarische Nachhilfe an, sondern bieten auch eine bessere Einsicht in die französische Kultur, was das allgemeine Verständnis fördern kann, an.


The following points are particularly important to us when tutoring French:
• Vocabulary
• Grammar
• Tenses
• Pronouns
• Word pool
• Text comprehension

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