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Exam preparation IMS

Your child has decided to attend an Informatikschule? Or it already is at an IMS and has trouble with the material? Then a preparation course or private lessons in our learning centre might be the solution.

We conduct the preparation courses together with the candidates for the Gymnasium exams. The child does not necessarily have to have bad grades in order to decide in favour of tutoring. Often clever and hard-working pupils drown in the crowd and cannot be sufficiently supported by the teacher. Tutoring is even more important when students write bad grades. There often are many reasons for this. At school, the teacher often cannot look after individual children. Therefore, it is important to send the child to tutoring as early as possible so that the problem does not spread any further. Here, the child receives targeted support. Because all it needs often is a second explanation, another perspective and it clicks!

With diligence and will, everyone should be able to pass the exam!


We have created our own dossiers, in which the theory is explained first, then some exercises can be worked on and in the end, old examination tasks appear. This way, the child can apply what he or she has learnt and then solve real examination tasks. The advantage of this is that the students develop a feeling for examination tasks and can test themselves. Furthermore, the individual students are dealt with if they have difficulties with a topic or need additional learning material. What is learned in this context will be needed again and again later. It occurs in school, it occurs in the BMS examination, it occurs in life. Therefore, even with a negative result, a course was not unnecessary.


In unseren Vorbereitungskursen fürs Lang- und Kurzgymnasium arbeiten wir mit der Buchreihe Achtung, fertig, Gymi! Dabei handelt es sich um eine von uns zusammengestellte Sammlung von diversen Theorie- und Übungsmaterialien für jedes geprüfte Fach, damit Ihr Kind optimal vorbereitet ist.


The ultimate goal is, of course, that the child passes the entrance examination. We go through the material that is required for the exam topic by topic. We also set ourselves the goal of casually improving the students' grades, as the students usually go through similar topics at school. In addition, our teachers are always eager to motivate the students, because the child should enjoy learning.


  • During the course, the learning success is checked regularly and motivation and learning techniques are taught.
  • From time to time, but especially towards the end of the course, exams are simulated under real-time conditions.

Information for parents

Additionally, we're working with a Teaching Report. This is a report that is sent to parents within 24 hours of the lesson being held. In this report, the teacher describes what the child has learnt and what additional tasks it has received. Parents can discuss with the teacher if they want more or less homework for their children.


Secondary students : 9th grade




Wehntalerstrasse 293, 8046 Zurich, Phone: 043 540 09 53


The cost per lesson of 45 minutes is:

4er Gruppe 6 Lektionen

Course option 1:

20 course dates x 6 lessons

2 Intensivkurse (Herbstferien und Sportferien): 80

Total: 200 lessons

Price per lesson CHF 27.- / 12 monthly payments of CHF 450.-

Price per lesson CHF 22.50.- / 12 monthly payments of CHF 375.- BEST PRICE

Course option 2:

20 course dates x 6 lessons

Total: 120 lessons

Price per lesson CHF 30.- / 10 monthly payments of CHF 360.-

Hier finden Sie unseren Jahresplan mit den wichtigsten Daten: School plan

* Early registration May to June
The trial period lasts 4 weeks. You can cancel during the trial period.


Die IMS schliesst an die 3. Klasse der Sekundarschule an. Sie führt zur eidgenössischen Berufsmaturität Ausrichtung Wirtschaft und Dienstleistungen, Typ Wirtschaft und zum eidgenössischen Fähigkeitszeugnis (EFZ) Informatikerin/Informatiker (Fachrichtung Applikationsentwicklung).

Sie richtet sich an leistungsfähige Schülerinnen und Schüler mit grossem Interesse im Bereich Informatik und Wirtschaft.

Die IMS umfasst drei Schuljahre sowie ein Praxisjahr.

Während der drei Jahre bietet die berufsvorbereitende Informatikmittelschule eine vertiefte Ausbildung in Informatik und in den Wirtschaftsfächern (Finanz-und Rechnungswesen, Wirtschaft und Recht) an. Darüber hinaus vermittelt sie eine breite sprachliche, historische und mathematisch-naturwissenschaftliche Allgemeinbildung.

Nach der IMS
Den Absolventen der IMS stehen vielfältige Möglichkeiten offen: Der Beruf als Applikationsentwickler/-in, höhere eidgenössische Fachprüfungen in Informatik, höhere kaufmännische Berufslaufbahnen, der prüfungsfreie Zugang zu den Fachhochschulen, sowie die Passerelle an der Kantonalen Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene KME mit anschliessendem Zugang zur Universität und ETH.