The tutoring concept

The concept of the Nachhilfe Akademie focuses on holistic learning. It is about learning with all senses, with mind, spirit and body. In order to offer the best tutoring possible, it is adapted to the personality of the individual students.

The tutoring lessons take place in groups of 4 Experience has shown that this is a pleasant group size because every child gets his or her turn. In addition, everyone can learn from each other and motivate each other in this way.

, Konzept und Vorteile

First appointment

At the first appointment, the teacher is given an overview of the learner's school problems and possible causes. With the help of the school documents and in conversation with the parents and the learner, the teacher can carry out the private lessons more purposefully.

In particular, the following points are clarified:

  • The student's abilities and problems
  • Type of learner: A type of learner test can be used.
  • Motivation: Are there any blockages that need to be overcome?

Subsequently, a tutoring plan is created.

It is important to us that not only the weaknesses or problems of the students are recognized. We also want to work with their strengths and abilities and build on them. This gives them self-confidence and increases their enthusiasm for the curriculum and learning in general.


The tutor can - if you agree - contact the school teachers. This has several advantages. The private tutor...

  • ... learns, which problems exist in the classroom and can thus tailor private lessons to them.
  • ... can take a look at the exams.
  • ... can inform himself about the examination dates and contents.
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In the private lessons of the Nachhilfe Akademie, not only knowledge gaps are filled, but also learning techniques are taught. These help the students to learn new things in the future. As many sensory organs as possible are involved in all learning processes.

The lessons are always action-oriented and the students are actively involved in the lessons at all times. The teacher gives clear explanations, pays attention to the type of learner and the motivation and awakens interest in a topic - e.g. through practical exercises.

How, for example, can the root of 2 be illustrated?
It is the length of the diagonal in a square with the edge length 1! (after the "theorem of Pythagoras").

How can the number Pi be determined practically?
Push a bicycle until the tire has completely turned once and then divide the distance by the wheel diameter.

, Konzept und Vorteile

The following excerpt shows how concrete learning difficulties are approached in our lessons:

The tutor simulates numerous exam situations in class. This builds up the students' self-confidence, so that they lose the fear of failure and strengthen their confidence in their own abilities.

  • Reasons often are negative learning experiences. New experiences of success increase confidence in oneself and the desire to learn again.
  • Other reasons are over or under demands at school. That is why our lessons are entirely geared to the needs of the student so that he or she feels comfortable with the pace of learning and the requirements.
  • If a disrupted relationship with the school teacher is the reason for the blockades, tutoring offers the possibility to catch up with the material with more joy of learning.
  • The student learns techniques with which he/she can better concentrate on the learning content. Concentration is mainly a matter of practice and is easy to train. Relaxation exercises are also helpful here.
  • We create the basic conditions so that the students can learn in a concentrated and stress-free way.
  • Our tutors teach the students strategies on how to learn in a structured way - they learn how to learn.
  • It is not very effective if knowledge is the only thing taught at school. A lot of content changes in the next few years and new things are added again and again. This is why students learn how to acquire such knowledge and keep it in their minds for as long as possible.



The Nachhilfe Akademie has many advantages:

Teachers and institute are certified by TutorWatch

Sensitive and pedagogically qualified teachers with an academic background

Holistic concept

Many current learning materials

Own dossiers for entrance examinations (Gymnasium, HMS, FMS, BMS, IMS)

Own dossiers for tutoring from the 3rd primary class with lots of theory and exercises

Motivation concept with extracurricular activities and excursions that promote holistic learning

Weekly teaching reports for the parents

Cooperation: learner - tutor - parents - class teacher

Very good price-performance ratio

Sibling discount

Tutoring in groups of 4 max.