Learning Maths - What you need to know

Learning maths can be compared to building a house. First, you build a foundation on which the actual house will be built. If there is a weak or insufficient foundation, then any further construction of the house will be made more difficult, if not impossible. This is exactly the same when learning maths. If the basics are not understood and cannot be applied, the consequences are difficulties in learning other subjects or, more importantly, in recognising the link between the subjects learned. Maths is a networked construct in itself and requires a confident handling of the basics.


Many students reach a point during their school career where further learning of maths is no longer possible or even worse, where the focus is deliberately placed on other subjects and maths is neglected. This results precisely from the problem of a missing foundation mentioned above. New topics are no longer easily understood and no connections can be made between the topics, which means that the fun of maths is lost.


In school, a topic is usually worked on simultaneously with the whole class and the scope of the exercises is predetermined. The procedure therefore is uniform. However, each student is individual and has a different interest in maths, which is why a different range of exercises or help is needed. Usually, more exercises on the topic are handed out in the school than the students have to solve. The additional exercises can thus be seen as training and should be solved in case of uncertainties.


If you notice that your child is not saddled up in maths or needs additional help and explanations in the area of maths, please contact us. Our teachers individually respond to the needs of the students and have the opportunity to further promote and consolidate their understanding. The lessons can take place in groups or in private lessons. During the lessons, if necessary, tasks from school are worked on, returned exams are corrected and further tasks are handed over for support. There also is a strong focus on ideal exam preparation. Our teachers are always anxious to eliminate existing ambiguities and to guarantee the student the ideal preparation as well as follow-up, so that he or she enjoys maths.