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Maths is a central subject at school and many topics accompany us throughout our lives or at work. If your child has problems with it, we will gladly help him or her to eliminate them with tutoring.

Tutoring that pays off

Maths is anything but a Sunday stroll. From basic arithmetic to interest calculation and trigonometry, maths covers a wide range of topics that often push students to their limits, especially as they have little time at school. This is why maths tutoring has such a high demand. The Nachhilfe Akademie offers you individual and competent tutoring for your children. Our offers start with the basic arithmetic operations in lower school and finally change over to calculating with sizes. We teach the basics of geometry in tutoring and make it easier for students to work on text tasks.


Starting from middle school, the demand for maths tutoring increases significantly. In middle and upper school, the mathematical topics become more complex. Equations, but also the rule of three and the calculation of interest pose challenges for the students. Depending on the level of knowledge in the maths tutoring in these age groups, we deal with functions, circle calculations and trigonometry. We also deal with topics such as probability theory and analysis. We explain the aspects of stochastics and comprehensively prepare the students for the Matura.


From experience, we know how important individual maths tutoring is. From experience, we know how important individual math tutoring is. Our goal is for our students to understand the different mathematical topics and to be able to safely apply the calculations and procedures associated with them. For this reason, we always offer tutoring according to the needs of the students. It is up to you to decide whether you want to take private lessons or small groups. We will be happy to advise you with more than 15 years of experience.


Unser Konzept besteht in der Unterstützung und Förderung je nach Problembereich und Niveau. Das Fach Mathematik besteht aus vielen Teilbereichen, welche alle ihre Wichtigkeit besitzen, aber auch verschiedene Schwierigkeiten mit sich ziehen können. So ist eine gezielte Förderung, wo der Bedarf besteht, von grosser Bedeutung.


We particularly value the following topics in maths tutoring:
• Equations
• Rule of three
• Functions
• Circle calculations
• Probability calculus
• analysis
• Stochastics
• Interest calculation
• Algebra
• Potencies and roots
• Trigonometry

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