Motivation Concept

It is important for us to promote the motivation of our students. Therefore, we want to increase the commitment of our students with the help of excursions. Excursions with classmates of private tutoring have several educational advantages:

  • Out-of-school learning: Even though the classroom of the tutoring institution is abandoned, learning takes place.
  • Reality reference: Excursions make it possible to gather experiences on site which are not possible in the Nachhilfeakademie or at school itself. Excursions offer the opportunity to get to know the reality of life. Students therefore encounter lively questions and problems and recognise the practical benefits of dealing with these topics.
  • Team spirit: The personal and immediate experiences gained in reality support the development of common values and attitudes. This way, a group cohesion is created that can extend beyond the weekly tutoring. This way, common interests and friendships can develop which have a positive effect on the learning climate.
  • Sustainability: Excursions encourage learners to develop their own knowledge. The independent construction of knowledge achieves a greater comprehensibility and turns into firm intellectual possession more easily and quickly, which can be connected to other contents more easily.
  • Interdisciplinarity and multi-perspectivity: Excursions promote network and multi-perspective thinking, as they usually convey learning content across disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach also temporarily invalidates the usual order of school subjects.