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Primary School


Primary school is the child's most important time. This is where the foundations are laid for later schooling and the future. That's why it is all the more important that this knowledge is firmly established.

The child does not necessarily have to have bad grades in order to decide in favour of tutoring. Often, clever and hard-working students drown in the crowd, they cannot be supported enough by the teacher.

Tutoring is even more important if the child has poor grades. Often the reasons are manifold. At school, the teacher cannot look after individual students. For this reason, it is important to send the child to private tutoring as early as possible so that the problem does not spread any further. Here, the child receives targeted support. Usually all that's needed is a second explanation, a different perspective and it clicks!

And suddenly it clicks!


The lessons are usually given in groups of 4, the children are of the same age and have all enrolled in the same subject. The advantage of these groups is that the children encourage each other to learn and at the same time learn from each other. Furthermore, the teacher can take time to individually address each child.


First and foremost, of course, our goal is for the child to get better. We focus on the child: The first commandment is that the students are able to understand and apply what they have learned in school. We call this basic competence. Once a child has reached this level, he or she is systematically promoted step by step. We use our centre's own folder containing theory explanations and task sheets to help. This enables the child to look up the theory again and again.
Furthermore, the teachers always try to make learning playful and appealing for the children. The child should enjoy what it does. Nothing stands in the way of good grades!

Information for parents

Additionally, we're working with a Teaching Report. This is a report that is sent to parents within 24 hours of the lesson being held. In this report, the teacher describes what the child has learnt and what additional tasks it has received. Parents can discuss with the teacher if they want more or less homework for their children.


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Primary students


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The cost per lesson of 45 minutes is:

Group of 4
4 lessons:

37 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 27.-

*37 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 22.50.- BEST PRICE

From 20 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 30.-

Up to 19 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 37.-

Group of 4
2 lessons:

*37 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 30.50.- BEST PRICE

From 20 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 35.-

Up to 19 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 41.-

Group of 2
2 lessons:

37 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 42.- BEST PRICE

Up to 20 course dates:
Price per lesson CHF 49.-

One-to-one lessons:

CHF 65.- per lesson

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The trial period lasts 4 weeks. You can cancel during the trial period.


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