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Dear parents,

In 2008, we founded the Nachhilfe Akademie with the goal of supporting and encouraging students during their school years and positively influencing their development. Our competent team consists of university students from various faculties and teaches students of all ages at our Zurich and Winterthur locations.

We're looking forward to getting to know you and your child personally!

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Nachhilfe-Akademie - Your Training Center for the Zurich & Winterthur Area - Tutoring, Gymnasium Preparation & Homework Supervision

School time is a very special phase in life for parents and children. In addition to new experiences and new friends, performance suddenly appears on the agenda. Now it's no longer just about having fun together, but about achieving tangible results. Thus, parents do everything in their power to accompany their child in the best possible way. Ultimately, the big goal is to lay a good foundation for the child's future career.

Parents and children sometimes come to a standstill on their way together and a little extra tutoring is needed. Perhaps maths is your child's biggest enemy, maybe you need help with Gymnasium preparation or homework support. It's good to have a partner at your side who supports your child individually and empathetically.

Parents In Zurich and Winterthur are on the safe side. The tutoring academy, based in Zurich and Winterthur, has been offering professional tutoring since 2008 and supports you and your child with homework supervision or Gymnasium preparation.

Tutoring from grades 3 to 13

Children usually learn well and quickly. And yet it can happen that they need tutoring - because they sometimes have problems with the curriculum and would otherwise lose touch. There are many reasons for this. There may be a change of school due to a move. Sometimes a new teacher, who has different expectations of the pupils, is a short-term reason for tutoring. The fact that learning problems occur at times is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. Here, a good tutoring can solve comprehension problems.

Our educational center offers private tutoring for students from the third grade up to the Matura in Zurich and Winterthur - in the subjects German, Maths and French. Parents in Zurich and Winterthur benefit from more than 10 years of professional experience when tutoring at the educational center. In addition, they can always rely on the educational center to offer fair prices. Whether in private tutoring or in a small group - experienced teachers in Zurich and Winterthur will help your child to progress in the educational center, so that he or she will quickly catch up again. And if the secondary exam is due later, the education center will also support you in preparing for the exam.

Gymnasium preparation

If your child is aiming for the Matura, he or she must attend a Gymnasium and undergo special Gymnasium preparation. The entrance examination for this type of school is particularly demanding. And experience has shown that particularly good Gymnasium preparation is required to pass the examination. If parents in Zurich or Winterthur have doubts as to whether their children will be able to prepare for Gymnasium on their own, they can get professional support during this phase as well.

Our education center in Zurich and Winterthur offers intensive Gymnasium preparation programmes in which experienced teachers repeat and consolidate all the material with the students. In regular practice, your child can apply the learnt material and gain confidence. The highlight: an exam simulation during Gymnasium preparation perfectly prepares the students for the upcoming challenge. This way, fears can be minimized in advance. And the infamous examination anxiety has no chance.

If an additional date during the week or on the weekend is too much for you, you also have the opportunity to take intensive crash courses during the holidays. Our education centers in both Zurich and Winterthur regularly offer intensive courses for Gymnasium preparation during the sports holidays.

Homework supervision

Especially in the first years of school, it often is necessary for parents to support their children with homework supervision. However, if both parents are working, good homework supervision from in-house is not easy. After work, both the parents and the child usually are too tired to brood over notebooks and books. It's a good thing if somebody steps in to take care of homework supervision. Someone you can rely on one hundred percent.

Our education centres in Zurich and Winterthur offer professional homework supervision for students of all grades. Whether in individual supervision or in small groups - experienced teachers are available to assist with homework in all subjects. And not just for the little ones. Homework supervision can also be useful in secondary schools. And when the family meets for dinner in the evening, everything is done. How reassuring.

Bildungszentrum Zürich - Your competent partner for private tutoring

Are you looking for a qualified tutor for your child? Do you need homework supervision or increased Gymnasium preparation? Then this is the right place for you. We, the Nachhilfe-Akademie in the Zurich and Winterthur area, offer more than just tutoring. Our tutors see themselves as partners who support your child individually. Our educational center also offers crash courses during the holidays to prepare your child for Gymnasium. We would be happy to advise you about our comprehensive offer!

Tutoring at the Bildungszentrum ensures success at school

Our Nachhilfe-Akademie exists for more than ten years and is located in Zurich. Our slogan is: "Equal opportunities for children and young people of all social classes". The school stress of our children is getting bigger and bigger, so that private lessons are not a flaw. Private lessons should be seen as an opportunity when learning comes to a standstill. We encourage and support children and young people from the third grade up to the Matura in the subjects German, Maths and French.

Bildungszentrum Zürich prepares for Gymnasium examination

The educational level of Swiss citizens is constantly rising. Therefore, it is not surprising that children should also have a university degree if possible in order to have better chances on the labour market. However, the demands on a Gymnasium are high. Every student has to pass an entrance examination in the Canton of Zurich if they want to attend a Gymnasium. In everyday school life, however, the lack of time and the high number of students mean that the curriculum can hardly be addressed. Our private tutoring academy offers intensive courses and private lessons so that students are optimally prepared for the Gymnasium exam. In the main subjects German, French and Maths, all essential points are worked through. The students are intensively prepared for all topics that occur in such an entrance examination.

Homework supervision by experienced teachers

The first years of school are particularly important for a successful school attendance. However, our educational center offers more than just tutoring. In Zurich and Winterthur, we offer qualified homework supervision for students of all years. Our teachers supervise homework in all subjects. This homework supervision takes place individually or in small groups. The group size in the small groups consists of a maximum of four people. This allows students and teachers to optimally focus on their lessons. However, homework supervision can also be useful in secondary school so that the stress of school can be considered over in the evening.

Follow-up courses during the holidays

A further advantage of the Nachhilfe-Akademie are our follow-up courses during the holidays. To enable our students to prepare for the new school year in a targeted manner, we offer follow-up courses during the holidays. Here, ambiguities from the previous school year can be clarified and our teachers can try to explain complicated homework in an understandable way. This makes our students much more confident and allows them to approach the new school year in a completely relaxed manner.

Our motto - education doesn't hurt

Let us convince you of our concept and use the completely non-binding information of our educational academy. Our goal is an individual promotion of your children in the school area. Ask for more information and let our tutoring convince you. You and especially your children will not regret it.

Good grades aren't utopia. Use our experience for your child!