Ich war 2012 in der Gymivorbereitung bei der Nachhilfe Akademie, dank welcher ich sie bestanden und bis ins Maturajahr vorstossen konnte.''

S.U.Kurs: Gymivorbereitung

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Lehrpersonen der Nachhilfe Akademie.


Ich habe viel gelernt bei Nachhilfe Akademie deshalb habe ich gewonnen.


I'm very satisfied!


I visit the Nachhilfe Akademie in Zurich and am very satisfied.


I've been attending Nachhilfe Akademie Zurich for 2 years and get tutoring in maths, now I'm doing better in school.


I attend Gymnasium preparation at the Nachhilfe Akademie and I'm satisfied.


Very professional! I'd register my kid again and again. Highly recommended.

Lale K.

It helped me a lot.

Saira F.

Best tutoring in Zurich! It helped a lot...

Lamiya B.

I'm attending the Nachhilfe Akademie. I'm very satisfied, ever since I started receiving tutoring, my grades improved. I'm currently attending BFS Winderthur.

Duman Y.

Very nice climate and professional tutors, who are passionate about their students' success. Highly recommended!!

Cornelia D.

The team is highly motivated and transfers its positivity on the students.
Good value for money.
I can only recommend it.

An E.

It helped me a lot.

Saira F.

Good academy, nice teachers, very professional..I am happy!

Lukas B.

I think Nachhilfe-Akademie is very professional and can only recommend them. My daughter made progress thanks to the fantastic Nachhilfe-Akademie.

S. Vitto