Tutoring at Nachhilfe Akademie in Zurich and Winterthur

Tutoring at Nachhilfe Akademie in Zurich and Winterthur

There are many reasons to consider taking tutoring lessons. While tutoring helps with improving marks it also offers an opportunity to specifically work on problematic areas and promote the individual strengths of the pupil, therefore offering personalized attention and additional challenge for under-stimulated pupils to reach their full potential.


Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring helps the pupils develop study and learning skills that are needed to succeed in school through an individualized learning experience. The tutor can adapt to the pupils’ learning style and use the teaching method that works best for the pupils. This guarantees comprehensive understanding and therefore helps improving the academic performance. Tutoring can also help developing critical thinking as the pupils achieve the intellectual independence to think critically about problems and find a way to solve them on their own. It has shown that these benefits lead to the pupils feeling more confident about their academic experience which further leads to them being more interested and invested in school in general.


Benefits of Tutoring at Nachhilfe Akademie

At Nachhilfe Akademie we offer tutoring lessons in Zurich and Winterthur for every level, from primary school to secondary and grammar school/gymnasium, in multiple subjects, such as Maths, French, Chemistry and more. The pupils are usually tutored in small groups of up to four people. Working in small groups has proven to be highly effective as the tutor can specifically address the strengths and weaknesses of the individual pupils and work on problematic areas while the pupils can also motivate each other and benefit of learning together as a study group.

Our goal is to make sure that the pupils are able to comprehensively understand as well as apply what they have learned in school. Hence, we use our own learning material that follows the cantonal guidelines, with a particular folder that contains theory and exercises, made specifically for the pupils so that they can look up or go over a certain topic again. Our tutoring is focused on teaching in a fun way and to help pupils gain confidence in their abilities. We help pupils develop the necessary study and learning skills that they need to improve their academic performance and show them how to strategically apply theory to solve problems.

We also believe it is important that the parents have the opportunity to be involved in the learning experience. That is why we offer a Teacher Report for the parents. The Teacher Report is written by the tutor and sent to the parents within 24 hours after the lesson. It notes what the child has learned in the lesson and what additional tasks it has received to solve at home. The parents also have the opportunity to discuss with the tutor if they want more or less homework for their child.


What Now?

Interested? Visit our website at https://nachhilfeakademie.ch/en/ for more information or contact us at 043 540 09 53 or info@nachhilfeakademie.ch. We are happy to advise you on our offers.