Tutoring at Nachhilfe Akademie in Zurich and Winterthur

Nachhilfe Akademie offers tutoring lessons in all subjects to students in primary, secondary and grammar school (Gymnasium). We believe that students who are faced with difficulties at school easily lose their interest in learning. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to provide them with the necessary support and tackle problems before they become a serious issue. Act now and sign up your child for one of our tutoring courses.

Our institution is currently comprised of two locations in Zurich and Winterthur. Situated at a short distance from Zurich-Oerlikon and Winterthur station, respectively, both are easily accessible via public transport.

We aim at offering courses that are tailored to our students’ individual needs. To this end, our skilled teachers identify deficits and address them directly in order to help students improve step by step and regain confidence in their own abilities. In addition, students will discover learning strategies and receive advice on how to deal with anxiety in exams.

Our course materials follow the cantonal school curriculum and provide students with concise theoretical explanations as well as plenty of exercises. While daily school routine usually does not allow for extended revision, tutoring lessons present students with the opportunity to review specific topics from the beginning and work towards gaining an in-depth understanding of the respective subject matter.

By means of a Teaching Report, written by the tutor, parents are informed weekly about their child’s progress.