Qualität ist uns sehr wichtig, deshalb sind wir ISO- und TutorWatch-zeritifiziert sowie im Privatschulregister Schweiz eingetragen. Was das heisst, erklären wir Ihnen hier:

Quality Management

By quality management, we mean all activities that serve to improve our work. Our quality management model comprises three pillars: People, processes and results. We want our parents to feel comfortable, but especially our students. All employees, from teachers and secretaries to management, should also be able to work in a pleasant, efficient and creative atmosphere.

Since we see it as our duty to improve our quality, quality management is a never-ending task. Quality has become our fundamental attitude to work and life.

Satisfied parents and students, efficient processes, capable employees and reliable planning are the results.

Our quality policy is ISO 9001 certified and meets all requirements of the ISO standard. Quality management ISO 9001 is the most widespread and most important national and international standard.

With our quality management we prove that quality has a system and is no coincidence. Clearly defined responsibilities and transparent processes form the basis for the fact that we are a learning and continuously improving organization.

In order to guarantee our quality, we always proceed process-oriented. By this we mean that we recognise, understand and manage the network of structures, processes and relationships in order to achieve our goals.

  • We take responsibility for sustainable learning
  • We support innovation and creativity
  • We are successful through our employees
  • We lead with vision, inspiration and integrity
  • We realize transparency
  • We increase the satisfaction of our most important partners: the students
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Privatschulregister Schweiz

Wir haben es geschafft! Die Nachhilfe Akademie verfügt nun offiziell über einen Eintrag im Privatschulregister Schweiz, in welchem auch namhafte Privatschulen wie das Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, das Institut Le Rosey in Rolle oder die Rudolf Steiner Schulen in Zürich, Bern, Basel und Genf vertreten sind. Eine solche Qualifikation steht für „Seriosität, Vertrauenswürdigkeit und Qualität“ (vgl. https://www.swissprivateschoolregister.com/?id=13) und zeichnet unsere Schule somit als pädagogische Institution mit hohen Standards und einem geprüften Qualitätsmanagement aus. Für Sie als Kundinnen und Kunden bedeutet dies, dass Sie sich für eine Schule mit Gütesiegel entscheiden, sodass Professionalität und Transparenz jederzeit gewährleistet sind.


, Qualitätsmanagement


In addition to our certified quality management, we are a member of SVEB, the Swiss Association for Professional Development, because education is very important to us. Since 1951, the SVEB has been committed to the interests of continuing education throughout Switzerland:

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We are a TutorWatch certified institute. But what does that mean?

Our tutors have completed an extensive online seminar. In order to show you what this seminar contains, some contents are listed here:

  • What forms of tutoring are there?
  • What are the functions of a tutor?
  • How do I communicate correctly with the students?
  • What makes tutoring effective?
  • How do I prepare good lessons?
  • What types of learners are there? How do I recognise the differences?
  • How do I motivate the students?
  • How do I achieve learning success?
, Qualitätsmanagement
, Qualitätsmanagement

After completing the seminar, there is an online examination. If this exam is passed, the teacher receives a certificate and thus is a trained tutor.
TutorWatch was founded by the Institute for Educational Development and was developed by pedagogically qualified experts.
For further information, please visit TutorWatch or contact us directly.