, TutorWatch

We are a TutorWatch certified institute. But what does that mean?

Our tutors have completed an extensive online seminar. In order to show you what this seminar contains, some contents are listed here:

  • What forms of tutoring are there?
  • What are the functions of a tutor?
  • How do I communicate correctly with the students?
  • What makes tutoring effective?
  • How do I prepare good lessons?
  • What types of learners are there? How do I recognise the differences?
  • How do I motivate the students?
  • How do I achieve learning success?
, TutorWatch
, TutorWatch

After completing the seminar, there is an online examination. If this exam is passed, the teacher receives a certificate and thus is a trained tutor.
TutorWatch was founded by the Institute for Educational Development and was developed by pedagogically qualified experts.
For further information, please visit TutorWatch or contact us directly.